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Smarter learning – with Charly!

I am Charly and have developed, your platform for more efficient learning. Edit your documents online, print them out, or study on the go with the app – all free of charge!

Advantages for you:
- Learn efficiently on a digital platform, no matter what you're studying
- Edit your documents online or create flash cards
- Print out all your documents
- New: Print out flash cards for free
- Get help from videos and e-tutors
- Check your progress on the platform or in the app
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Our platform has:

More than 1.5 million
More than 2.3 million
uploaded documents

This is how works:

Edit your learning materials online!

Edit your learning materials online

Upload your materials as PDF files and get started right away! If you don't understand something, simply mark the relevant terms – I will then show you videos that explain the content in an easily comprehensible way.
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Print out all learning materials free of charge!

Print out all learning materials free of charge!

When it comes to printing, you're spoilt for choice: you can print your original document (all or parts of it), annotations, notes – and, most recently, your flashcards. All printed documents will be mailed to your home within 72 hours.
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Benefit from sharing knowledge!

Benefit from knowledge sharing

Network with other students from your class and exchange ideas with them. Certified e-tutors can help you with difficult topics. You can also study transcripts and sample exams and create learning materials in collaboration with others. My platform suits all fields of study and all universities.
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So, you want to know exactly what features my platform has? You want to create flash cards, watch videos, or create annotations? Then sign up!

Developed with input from students,
teachers earning psychologists

Bilal, TU Berlin

I was one of the first students to test and was able to see all the features. I think it's great how my feedback has been incorporated.

Dr. Bahles, BSP Business School Berlin

I find extremely exciting, as it enables students to learn more efficiently. The digitization of teaching is a great challenge that will take on.

Lars, Uni Stuttgart

I have always printed out my lecture notes and look forward to the possibility of editing them online. It is important to me that the learning platform supports me in my studies and that all functions help me to learn more independently.

Jessica, Uni Stuttgart

During my internship, I had the chance to watch grow. I am especially looking forward to the implementation of our long list of ideas and tips to make learning even easier.

Manuel, Uni Stuttgart

Finally, there is a tool with which I can create index cards right next to my lecture materials and then even print them!
Used at more than 600 universities

Developed by students, for students

I use your feedback to continue improving the learning platform.
Together, we will work on your learning success! #nextlevel