Who is Charly?

Hey, I'm Charly. As your Study Buddy, I'll help you learn on my digital platform!
I'll help you organize your materials better.
I'll connect you with other students.
I make learning easy and efficient.

Ask me anything!

How can I help you?
Who are the people behind charly.education?
The PlusPeter team, whom you may already know from the free printing service, helped me develop the platform. I, Charly, am your study buddy and idea giver at charly.education.
Is the free printing service still available?
Definitely! I even extended it: you can now print your flash cards as a free addition to your document.
Are all functions in the platform free?
Yes! You can use charly.education completely free of charge.
Does the learning platform really offer something for every student?
Yes! You can learn on the platform no matter what and where you study. I work diligently to offer as much material as possible in the form of transcripts, practice exams, and flashcards for each individual course of study. Since my team is constantly improving the platform, you may have to wait a little while until I have uploaded learning materials for your field of study.

One in three students drops out

One in three students leaves university without obtaining a degree – mainly because they can't deal with the pressure.
The biggest factors that put students under pressure are time and self-organization: during exam periods, they quickly lose track of things and might experience problems with concentrating on what's most important.

What I do to change that

In order to reduce the amount of pressure you feel, I will help you organize your learning materials: with charly.education, you will find everything you need to pass your exams in one place. Furthermore, I will regularly introduce new features that will help you focus on and identify relevant topics.

See it for yourself!

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Was ist eigentlich Smart Learning?

Hier findest du die Antworten zu den wichtigsten Fragen rund um das Thema digitales Lernen.
Mein Team von charly.education und ich haben erkannt, dass durch digitale Technologien Lernen so viel einfacher und effizienter sein kann. Deshalb möchte ich dir dabei helfen, den Schritt zu wagen und endlich digital zu lernen. So kommst du entspannter durch dein Studium.

Warum erweitert PlusPeter überhaupt seinen Print-Service? 

Smart Learning bedeutet so viel wie effizientes und intelligentes Lernen mithilfe fortschrittlicher Technologie. Mit charly.education stelle ich dir dafür Lernhilfen, Vorschläge und unterstützende Werkzeuge zur Verfügung – immer mit dem Ziel, dass du besser durch dein Studium kommst.

Was genau versteht man unter dem Begriff Smart Learning?

Ein weiterer, häufig genannter Begriff in diesem Kontext ist Smart Education. Dabei geht es weniger um deinen Lernprozess, sondern darum, dass dir Wissen von außen vermittelt wird. In manchen Ländern steht Smart Education auch für ein neues Schulsystem.

Was ist der Unterschied zu Smart Education?

Du findest verschiedene Angebote und Funktionen, die du so sicher noch nicht kennst: E-Tutoren unterstützen dich bei deiner Prüfungsvorbereitung.
Zusätzlich habe ich für dich ein Angebot an Mitschriften und Probeklausuren gesammelt. So bist Du vor Deinen Klausuren immer auf der sicheren Seite! 

Was unterscheidet charly.education von anderen Smart Learning Tools?

What is Smart Learning?

Here, you will find the answers to the most important questions about digital learning.
You will find various offers and functions that you are not yet familiar with:E-tutors will support you in your exam preparation. In addition, I will offer you a collection of transcripts and practice exams to try. So, you are always on the safe side before your exams!
What distinguishes charly.education from other Smart Learning tools? What is Smart Learning?
Another frequently-used term in this context is Smart Education. This is less about your learning process and more about the fact that knowledge is imparted to you from the outside. In some countries, Smart Education also stands for a new school system.
What is the difference between Smart Learning and Smart Education?
In effect, "Smart Learning" means  efficient and intelligent learning using advanced technology. With charly.education, I will provide you with learning aids, suggestions, and supporting tools - always with the aim of getting you through your studies more easily.
What exactly does the term Smart Learning mean?
My charly.education team and I have realized that digital technologies can make learning much easier and more efficient. That's why I want to help you take that step and finally learn on a digital platform.
Why is PlusPeter expanding its print service?
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This is my team!

I can't revolutionize the educational system on my own, but I can count on a great team to go on the journey with me.
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