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Can I print more than 160 pages?
Every month enables you to print up to 160 double-sided pages for free.
What does "the printing is split" mean?
As soon as your document has more than 160 pages, we have to split the order into 2 orders. You are free to decide how you distribute the pages on 2 documents.
When will a free quota be available?
The number of sponsors depends on many factors such as city, university, semester, course of studies or season. Therefore, the quota may sometimes be higher and sometimes lower. We are always on the lookout for more sponsors and do our best to make sure that you can quickly print again for free :).
What happens to my PDF after printing?
Your PDF will only be prepared for printing and will then no longer be used.
How do I receive my documents?
Your PDF will be printed on 80g paper on both sides and then bound with a Wire-O binding. Your document will be placed in a paper envelope and then sent to your adress.