Digital desk

Create flashcards and study

Create flash cards right next to your document for quick and easy reference. Organize them into decks and test your knowledge on the computer or with our app. Learn more about  flashcards.

Create text documents

Create a text document and take notes right next to your learning material. You can also use this icon to copy annotations to the open text document with a single click.

Upload PDF

Upload new PDF files to learn or print. Documents can be uploaded at any time via the upload icon in the side menu or in your material overview.


Highlight important content

Highlight important content in the document by clicking on the corresponding parts. You can choose from different colours  to structure your documents better. Learn more about annotations.

Focus mode

Block out everything around you and focus exclusively on your document. Focus mode displays the pages in full screen mode and suppresses notifications from other services.

Web search

Look up terms you don't understand in Google Scholar and Wikipedia – without leaving the platform and getting distracted.

Video explanations in your document

Click on terms you don't understand and have them explained to you with   curated learning videos. You don't even have to leave the platform, instead the video will be displayed within your document.

Add annotations to text document

Add words, sentences, or entire sections from the PDF to your text documents. When the desired text is selected, an icon appears with which the selection is automatically accepted.

Hide pages

Simply hide pages you don't want to have displayed. That way, you have less distractions and keep a better overview of what to focus on.

Rotate Pages

Rotate pages if they are not arranged correctly. You can decide for each page individually which setup you want it to be displayed in.

Print and Download

Free printing

You can edit your documents exclusively online or print them out afterwards. If you have made annotations within your document, you can print them too. Your document will be printed, bound and sent to you within 72 hours. Learn more about free printing.


Download your documents as PDF files to your computer. You decide whether you want to download them with or without annotations.
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