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When an exam is coming up, your time is even more valuable than usual. I'll help you focus on what's important. With just one click, you can upload one or more documents to the platform. You can highlight important terms in colour, make additional notes, and switch between different documents. You can learn online with digital flash cards or print them for free.
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Learn how and where you want is a new product from PlusPeter. Since 2015, students have been able to print documents free of charge via PlusPeter, and this service is maintained on the learning platform. This allows you to decide where and when you want to study. You can upload your learning materials, edit them, and order them free of charge with sponsor advertising or for a fee without advertising. 72 hours later, the document is in your mailbox, printed in colour and bound.
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Access your peers' knowledge

Your exam is coming up, but you're not getting anywhere... Sound familiar? Then check out – there, you'll find a study method that fits your needs. I work with experts from different courses who will check the quality of the videos, transcripts, and exam material that are provided within the platform. On the platform, you can also access your friends' documents and summaries in order to prepare for your exam. In addition, I will give you valuable tips on how to learn correctly.
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Improve your learning success

Are you fed up with dull lecture rooms and confusing notes? On the platform, you can edit and arrange all learning materials by subject, course, or semester. At the same time, you can check off what you have already learned, and this means you'll only be shown content that is relevant for your exam.
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Focus on what's important

Nothing's worse than distractions when you really need to study, right? That's why I developed the "focus mode": when it's activated, all other programs are automatically hidden. Additionally, the intuitive timer in the upper left corner shows you how long you've been working.
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Let's celebrate!

Celebrate all victories, no matter how big or small! You'll be rewarded with charlies, my own form of „currency", for different actions within the platform: for your learning successes, your time in the program, your created flash cards, and much more. You can swap charlies for cool prizes and discounts for exclusive printing options. On top of that, you'll get free LinkedIn memberships or other vouchers.
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