What motivates Charly every day...

More than 90% of the students experience constant stress and for 32% the pressure is even so high that they drop out of university. We no longer want to accept this and have therefore developed charly.education. Our aim is not only to promote digitization in education, but also to assist students.

Supporting students together with Charly

Our drive is Charly: Charly is the one who as a child wanted to become a professor, who shares his notes with you and who always keeps calm. His vision of taking education to the next level is our drive. And now he's at your disposal in the platform.
No test anxiety
Test relevant learning
Individual learning
#teamcharly supports these efforts

The management

The heart of the company: right in the middle, always there – in the truest sense of the word. Because they don't believe in executive offices any more than in artificial hierarchies. Together, Cecil and Konstantin drive the company forward and motivate the entire team every day to give their best.

The marketing team

A colorfully assembled bunch united by one  thing: The preference for content, performance and of course marketing buzzwords! Together they let off steam in advertisements, white papers or social media posts.

The sales team

In order for you to print for free, they are constantly on the lookout for companies to sponsor you learning experience.

BizDev team

Further, higher, faster: Our BizDev team always is constantly juggling different tasks –but still keeps a strong focus. They love excel spreadsheets and to-do lists.

Our tech team

The other teams don't always understand what they are up to, but one thing is clear: our tech team is one of the best in Berlin. Our passionate developers speak many languages: Whether Arabic, German, Java Script or Z++; they know what they are talking about.

The grafics team

Without doubt the most creative team at charly.education. From an idea, a word fragment or sketches on Post-Its, they create award-winning graphics.